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It is hard to imagine that the evasive existence of God proof would result from a person’s journey through life that consisted of a set of interconnected events with one common element. It is also hard to imagine that this existence of God proof would be based on a well known and accepted math principle. It is indeed hard to imagine that a mathematical proof of the existence of God could be explained with plain and simple language and be easily understood by the average person in the street. You do not need a PhD in math from an ivy league college or from any real college for that matter. If you can count, you can understand this proof. Look over this discussion, an existence of God proof that will not put you to sleep. Evidence so mystical that it will keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    The Foundation of The Proof

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    Much of my life was in some way connected to this area around The World Trade Center. My parents set the stage for this involvement in the Forties and Fifties. On one night in the mid-Fifties I accompanied my Dad to his place of employment at the corner of Washington and Warren Streets in the Washington Market to see his salesmanship first hand. This was the wholesale fruit and produce district in New York City, where buyers came to get their fresh supply of fruit and produce. I didn’t know it at the time of course, but many years later I came to realize that on this night I stepped foot for the first time on the parcel of land where The World Trade Center was to be built. After my Army days, a remarkable cast of characters guided me as I inched my way closer and closer to employment near the Twin Towers. My daughter played a role as my family developed strong ties to the area. My daughter discovered perfume at Sephora in the concourse at The World Trade Center. We stayed often at the Marriott at The World Trade Center, the last time being Labor Day weekend in September 2001. They checked out of Room 1837 late in the morning on Tuesday, September 4 after I went to work. The situation had all the elements of a complete disaster for me had the attack been planned for exactly one week earlier.

    It was a beautiful morning on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The humidity of the summer was all but gone and one could sense that Fall had arrived. This was the favorite time of the year for me. I can remember being on the 34th Street Subway platform waiting for the express train to take me downtown for the 8 am morning conference call and thinking about the fact that it was my half birthday that day. I was a mere 54 years old that year and life was pretty good. Little did I realize that dark clouds were approaching on several fronts.
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    I was in my office on Barclay Street reading my email after the conclusion of the conference call. I worked for a Bank that was founded by Alexander Hamilton who of course is on the 10 dollar bill and has gained a bit of notoriety lately due to the Broadway play about his life. He is buried in the cemetery adjacent to Trinity Church, and pretty much had a clear view of the events of the day from his grave. It was a day that would change our lives forever.

    The Bank owned this building directly across from the north most part of the World Trade Center complex. A force of explosive nature shook our building at exactly 8:46 am. September 11 unfolded in my eyes as the events of the day brought The Bank to its knees. For sure, it took dedicated work from all employees to salvage the bleak situation, but arguably the group I managed was at the epicenter and made the key difference between success and failure. I came to believe that this was the reason for my existence.

    After retirement in 2006, I decided that it was important to document in detail the interconnected stories consisting of The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself, however improbable they appeared. In my opinion, this human interest memoir would serve to put closure on this phase of my life.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    The Next Step

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    After publication of the print edition, a few years passed by while I continued to think about these relationships and indeed discovered even more. It was then I discovered what I would eventually call the holy grail relationship. A relationship amongst The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself which was so mystical that it will leave you bewildered. I had discovered a proof for the existence of God. I knew I missed the boat and that I needed to create a new edition of my book.

    It would take another 5 or 6 years to do so as I was focused on another project. Lucky me, as in that time the iPad and book authoring software came into existence and I could create the new edition in an eBook format. A format that not only would be considerably cheaper for me to produce but could also contain multimedia features that would make it more fun to read. With the 15th Anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, I sat down to complete the task in early/late July of 2016. The eBook made it to the iTunes book store on August 30, 2016.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    The Status of God Proofs

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    The most important question that we humans have ever pondered is the existence of God. The most famous attempt at this is perhaps Kurt Gödel's ontological proof. It uses the formal principles of logic. This includes the same laws of logic that I learned from Dr. Meckler in my senior year in high school. Laws like DeMorgan’s Law, the Law of Double Negation, the Idempotent Law, as well as a host of others. Included in these principles of logic are the rules of inference. Modus Ponens, the Rule of Disjunctive Syllogism and the Rule of the Constructive Dilemma to name just three. The same principles that would be used in a geometry proof if geometry proofs were taught correctly, which they are not. But I digress. This would be the best type of proof. For all the shelf space that is provided to the discussion of this proof, there are a considerable number of math experts who find it faulty. Even worse, it cannot be understood by the average person in the street. Nor by most other people either. What good is a proof on this topic that cannot be understood by the people, of the people and for the people? It is doubtful that such a convincing deductive proof can be constructed.

    A more recent attempt was originated by Gregg Braden in his book ''The God Code.’’ He discerned that The God Code supported the existence of God via science involving the basic elements which make up our DNA, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. A critical review calls his ideas into question, but they are nevertheless interesting. The critical review makes a gigantic error by stating not only that Mr. Braden is using numerological tricks but also should round the atomic mass of oxygen, 15.9994 amu, to 16 amu, which would discredit Braden’s analysis. The review is wrong in my opinion on these two counts. These are not numerological tricks. They are very well known and accepted transformations. The reviewer cannot make up a different set of rules or ignore the existing ones and then imply that Mr. Braden’s methodology is faulty. Furthermore, and even more serious, any suggestion that science people would round this atomic mass to 16 amu is a completely bogus point and would be equivalent to cooking the books, err, I mean the numbers. Context is everything here. God does not round; he can only truncate! Otherwise, one would be creating phony numbers.

    One can appreciate that it was truly remarkable that Gregg Braden was thinking along these lines. A person needs to be schooled well enough in the topic of Biology, and the Hebrew language for that matter, to understand Gregg Braden's logic and to determine whether Braden's proof has any merit. At the least, his approach to the topic was ground breaking.

    It would be nice to have some proof short of The Second Coming, an event of uncertain timing. Isn’t it about time that a proof that can be understood by everyone comes forth?
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    A 21st Century math based God Proof

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    Quite by accident, perhaps, I stumbled upon a new proof to this question. My journey through life consisted of a set of interconnected events with one common element that would result in this evasive proof. The data shows that my life was based on a predetermined destiny connected to The World Trade Center and the events of September 11, 2001. The breadth and depth of the data results in an overwhelming number of improbable relationships which lends strong credence to the proof. I use a similar God’s code as Braden to determine these relationships and have also listed these as the rules of The God’s Code.

    This new proof is not linked to science, which makes it easier to understand. It is based purely on a well known and accepted math principle and data from as far back as two hundred and some years. A book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules, ISBN 978-0934426992 by Dr. David Stewart contains a discussion about the difference between a scientific and mathematical proof. A considerable amount of data and relationships are documented in this published work, ''The World Trade Center Stories: 15th Anniversary Edition.’’ This is an important update to the August 26, 2008 original print version and now includes the holy grail relationship as well as a few new ones missed in the print edition. The proof is in a new chapter as well, appropriately named The Missing Chapter. No complicated onto required and it is explained in plain and simple language, easily understood even by those who are math challenged.

    The proof is air tight. It is less likely that the proof is wrong than the likelihood that you would pick an orange ball out of a pool of a million balls only one of which is orange, several times in one week. I give you the exact probabilities in my book. A challenge to the proof by counter example, like a claimed sighting of a white Raven, makes no sense with this proof. Nevermore.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    The Evidence

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    A considerable amount of data and over 40 relationships are documented in this published work, which now includes what I call the holy grail relationship. The breadth and depth of the data, along with the numerical analysis has resulted in an overwhelming number of interconnections that gives confidence to the results. The evidence shows that much of my life was based on a predetermined fate connected to The World Trade Center. It can be difficult to determine your fate, let alone to assign numbers to your fate. I was fortunate that in my case this was easy. You then need to link events in your life to your destiny. This requires a mathematical based transformation that will assign numbers to these events. The rules of the math transformation must be neutral and unbiased. They cannot favor the creation of one number over another number. I used a similar God’s code as Braden to quantify these relationships and documented each and every rule. I do believe that this is an area ripe for research by others, but wonder if a definitive list can even be created.

    I took just a handful of the most meaningful and least controversial of these relationships to support the proof, which is formally shown in The Missing Chapter. This will deter those who want to challenge the proof from confusing the situation. Besides, it was all I needed. The proof uses the evidence along with the well known and accepted math principle.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    The World Trade Center Stories: 15th Anniversary Edition

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    Available at the iTunes book store. Think about the stories. Understand the proof. Decide for yourself.